Votu ku Notu Ft. Kireeti Damaraju
Votu ku Notu Ft. Kireeti Damaraju
'Vote for Dustbin Vote for Dustbin.' A comedy video, a satire on politics. This is a fictional story and is Written by Shoban Chittuprolu. The video stars Kireeti Damaraju, Jones Katru,Ravi Teja Nannimala, Shoban, Dhivity Venkat, P.V. Sai, Kiran Gangu, Gowtham and Surya. Wirally Originals has posted a new video on voting and campaign. Have fun watching the video. Vote for Dustbin, Use me, Vote for Dustbin!

Votu ku Notu Ft. Kireeti Damaraju || Wirally Originals

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