Check out the wirally original video praanam viluvu. Do watch the video for more information.

There was a guy who has been cheated. Took money sad that he will give him a job, but he didn’t give him. So finally he thinks to die so on the way to suicide spot he sees a child who is going to help a need people and after some time he meets an old lady waiting for her son, but actually, her son left her and went. So he took her to the old age home saying your son will come and there the manager of the old age home he explains him about the life and up and downs in the life, so he went to the suicide spot finally there he think why I should die and he drops then there one more cum with the same problem and his poison bottle falls down then he explains him the same thing then he also drops. Moral of the story there is not the only way to die there are many ways to make the problems solved. Do watch the video.


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