Rahul Vaidya praises Aryan Khan lavishly.

Famous singer Rahul Vaidya is charmed by Shahrukh Khan's son. He said so in a viral video. The singer has stated that the star kid, Aryan Khan, is made of humility. He has little arrogance. We recently saw Rahul Vaidya in Big Boss Season 14, where he came out as runner up. Rahul met Aryan at a lounge named Luna at St Regis. It was around 1.30 am. 

Rahul praised Aryan, saying,

"I met this very charming and good-looking boy. He was none other than Aryan Khan. I am making this video because the security guards were not allowing him to enter the lounge, obviously because of security reasons. It is common things - hoti rehti hain yeh sab cheezen (such things happen). He was so patiently standing there. He had no airs about being Mr Shah Rukh Khan's son. He was so patiently standing there. He is so fresh in my mind because I loved the one-minute teaser of Lion King, where he says 'Mufasa ka beta'. I want to congratulate Khan Saab and Gauri ji for raising him up so well. He had no arrogance."

A few star kids have these qualities. Shahrukh Khan is a self-made man who has brought up his kids to appreciate hard work. This is not the first instance where his kids have been praised. 


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