Understanding the Youth in their Way.
Understanding the Youth in their Way.
Researchers are using smart ways to guage social media using social media.

Social media is a basic necessity of modern world. So much of our life is depended upon it. These days we have seen a tremendous uproar of memes and sarcastic quotes throw lights on some of the darkest truth of our society. Be it social, political, environmental financial or any other genre, social media is a fruitful platform to pioneer change. We  are all aware  of the fact that social media is best popular within the youth. They share their thoughts, ideologies, and feelings through social media. The youth are the future of our society and social media is like a window to the world. Hence, it becomes important to understand  social media to understand the youth.

Researchers are now using popular tweets, the most shared and most liked posts as means to understand the Youth, their ideologies. Further, they are also trying to predict the future. As we all know that Social Media is beneficial. nevertheless, it has a dark and bad side which can cause potential harm. We hear a lot about peer pressure and toxic influence caused by social media which often leads to depression. In some cases, it has grown more fatal and can lead to death. The researchers are trying to prevent such cases. Using the massive twitter datasets along with quantitative analysis, the researchers are trying to track down the nature and amount of information flow. There are other collective phenomena like momentum, peak, and fall over time, from one place to another. The analysis is complex in nature.

Researcher Vespignani says, “A lot of people have  analysed social media in terms of the volume of tweets regarding particular phenomena such as the Arab Spring. What we are trying to understand is the presence of precursors: Can we find a signal in the flow of information that will tell us something big is about to happen?”

Vespignani is trying to understand the youth through social media. If the youth can use social media to communicate, then surely, the experienced adults can too guide through the same social media. He aims to build a better society using the strong headedness of the youth and the million dollars worth experiences of the adults.

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