NASA New Horizons Space Crafts Is Going To Reach The Ultima Thule This New Year. Ultima Thule Is One Billion Miles Far From The Pluto And 4 Billion Miles Far From The Earth It Will Be The Farthest & Mysterious World Ever Explored By Humankind.No Spacecraft Ever Visited Anything So Primitive. Hal Weaver, The Project Scientist From John Hopkins University Part Of New Horizons Team, Says “What Could Be More Exciting That”?

Ultima Thule Is The Kuiper Belt Object That Was discovered by Hubble Space Telescope By NASA In The Year 2014 MU69, Ultima Thule Is Its Nick Name Given By Online Voting. The Actual Meaning Of Thule In classic literature Is Most Distant And Unkown World. First Time When New Horizons Discovered The Rocky Ice Ball In August Is Just A Dot. The Actual Close-Ups Of The Ultima Thule Will Be Available The Day After The Flyby.

In 2006, NASA Launched The Space Craft, With The Size Of Baby Piano. It Provided The Best Closeup View Of Dwarf Planet In 2015, MissionPlanners Got An Extension From NASA  And Set Their Sights On Deep Inside The Kuiper Belt With The Successful Flyby That NASA Have Got Behind Them. Ultima Thule Is Right In The Twilight Zone’s heart which Is Stretching Behind The Neptune.

According To The Scientists Ultima Thule Is Possibly A Twin, That Could Be Two Objects Closely Orbiting  One Another If It Is Solo, Then It Is  Likely To Be 20 Miles Long Or it Could Be Even Two Bodies With One Neck, Each Could Be 9 To 12 Miles Diameter If Twins. It Is Harder To Track The Ultima Thule As It Is 100times Smaller Than The Pluto. It Took Four And half hours For Flight Controllers Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab In Laurel, Maryland. From New Horizons At Pluto. So New Horizons Will Get Closer To UltimaThule Than It Did To Pluto (3,500km Vs. 12,500km) And It Will Take Two more years For NASA New Horizons To Beam Back All Its Data On Ultima Thule, there are Many More Mysterious And Unknown Things Are Waiting To Explore.


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