Tribal Digs 3-km Water Channel
Tribal Digs 3-km Water Channel
An Odisha tribal does a Manjhi feat and literally digs up a water channel 3 kilometers long.

Daitari Nayak decided to carve out a 3-km water channel in a time span of three years. He did this feat as he wanted to irrigate his 100 acres of land. The muddy stream of water that courses through the pebble and boulder-filled stretch of Gonasika mountain for 3 km before reaching Talabaitarani village could only have been a pipe dream for the people till 2013. But this man’s obsession and determination to get water to his farmlands proved nothing is unachievable. Nayak is a 75-year-old farmer from Talabaitarani village in Banspal block of Kenojhar district. He started this channel in the year 2010 when the rain gods wouldn’t favor him for maximum part of the year. With a hoe and a crowbar, Nayak started digging through the mountainous roads while others mocked him. But he did not divert and kept on doing his job. The villagers later joined him but only after the canal near their village. Now almost 100 acres of land is getting water due to this man’s determination. The villagers are now growing different crops like maize, paddy, and other vegetables.

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