Tollywood drugs case: ED has questioned to actor Nandu
Tollywood drugs case: ED has questioned to actor Nandu
On Tuesday, in a drug case, Nandu was asked a number of questions by ED. Nandu was asked because of his relations with Kelvin.

A famous Tollywood actor is a suspect in a drug case, and he was asked a number of questions by the officials of the Enforcement Directorate (ED). The matter is related to money laundering, drugs, and Kelvin Mascarane. ED grilled him for four hours for these suspects. 

The questions which were asked by ED to the actor were related to the financial transactions. He was asked that when he met with Kelvin for the first time. But the actor denied all of those questions, and he said he was not involved with Kelvin. Even he said that he never took drugs. He shows all his transactions to the officials. 

Again, ED asked about the transactions with Quddus and Wahed. These two were involved in a drug case. Before this, one of the cases was seen in Dubai. They made a lot of money from this drug case. 

At the end, the ED collected all documents along with electronic devices. It was so because to find any information related to Kelvin that can prove Kelvin's role. ED told him to come whenever they were called. In the middle of this, the residence of Kelvin has been raided. This was done with the help of CRPF personnel. They did their best to investigate. Along with Nandu, there were 12 more telugu actors called in related to drugs cases. 

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