He ferried over 5500 plus patients to and fro between their homes and hospital.

Recently Kaun Banega Crorepati Karamveer episode showcased an interesting story of Ambulance Dada. And the entire nation's eyes were drawn to this amazing selfless person who has been honestly serving the society to his full capacity in the wake of a pandemic like Corona.

The real name of Ambulance Dada is Karimul Haque. He is an honest worker in one of the many tea gardens of West Bengal. He is known as the bike-Ambulance Dada. He ferried over 5500 plus patients to and fro between their homes and hospital. These patients belong to a lower class and reside in an area where basic civil amenities are unavailable. These patients were the residents of the village of Dhalabari and surrounding areas. Karimul took the responsibility to take this patient safely to the hospital, on time. He used the only means he had- his motorcycle.

However, the story of Karimul Haque or Ambulance Dada is not new. The village of Dhalabari and 20 other villages surrounding him have known this real-life hero since 1998. What's more? He ferries the patients free of cost. And sometimes he even buys medicines for those who cannot afford it. Most of his income goes in this selfless affair.

The inspiration behind this is a tragedy that took place in1995. Karimul's mother suffered a cardiac arrest and due to the unavailability of an ambulance, she couldn't reach the hospital on time which resulted in her subsequent death. This incidence shook Karimul and he decided to take up this noble deed so that no one suffers from the same fate. For his deed, he was awarded by Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award of India in 2017.

We need more selfless initiatives like Karimul Haque. Even during the pandemic, this man showed determination and dedication towards the ill who needed medical attention. 


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