How did a nation with such a background survive Covid-19? Let alone emerge as a global inspiration?

When the pandemic broke, every nation rushed with precautions to protect the citizens and make them aware of the safety measures and guidelines. Yet, many developed nations including America was suffered from disobedience from its citizens. People weren't ready to wear a simple mask. Imagine how things would have been for the African nation. In many parts of interior America, even the basic health amenities are scare. And while everyone thought that African nations were going into tatters one nation emerged successful in tackling Covid-19. It performed well ahead of many developed nations. This nation was Rwanda. This is the same Rwanda which was in news in 1994 due to a terrible and violent genocide that took place between the Hutu and Tutsi community. How did a nation with such a background survive Covid-19? Let alone emerge as a global inspiration?

The answer is decentralised public health model. This model overcame problems like abundant ventilators and ICUs that are present in Rwanda. The Government and authorities made decisions based on evidence. The countrywide lockdown started in mid-March and the Government set up as a decentralised network to channel essential stuff and food. The village heads become a part of this. The vulnerable part of the population was tested and isolated quickly. Each person was motivated to take care of their own self and their family.

However, these measures were common in many places. Why did Rwanda succeed in executing them? Faith. The people of Rwanda have faith in their Government. Despite the political and communal struggle the region is famous for, people believed in their authorities. This is one parameter that played an important role in the controlling Covid-19 spread in Rwanda. Many countries have to learn from this story. Rwanda showcased some of the important aspects like humanity, compassion and excellent supply chain management. 


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