From Personal food cravings to a full scale food franchise.

Have you ever been to Kolkata? If you have, you must have heard about the famous street food, a mouthwatering delicacy if Kolkata- The Kati Rolls. This is much like Afghani Shawrma, chargrilled kebab wrapped in paratha. But just like anything that is made in India, they have an Indian twist to it. Kolkata is already famous for its sweets in the world. But in recent times it has become famous for Kati Rolls. Thanks to Payal Saha. Married at 22, Payal went to New York in 2000 where her husband worked. To satisfy her foodie self, she started to sell Kati Rolls. Soon, this turned into a full-time business, and The Kati Roll Company was born. Today, her business is a $14 million franchise with four outlets in London and New York. 

New Yorkers are as busy as a bee, and the convenience of picking up and eating a roll while walking to the subway was too much to resist. Don't forget the mouthwatering taste of the rolls.

Like the variety of Whoppers of Burger King, Kati Rolls has multiple flavours, ingredients and sizes that can suit everyone and can be devoured at any time be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

When asked about her idea behind her venture, she says, "I don't see fear because I do not know how to imagine it. At 22, when I started my business, I was ready to take on the world, and that helped."


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