Green Building is a concept of future that must start today. In simplest terms, it is an eco-friendly building.

The green building is one of the sustainable concept of architecture that has a huge scope in the near future. A green building is a building thatthat eliminates all the negative effects of human activity through its design,construction and operation. It makes efficient use of water with methods like rain water harvesting. Most of the power operations take place using solar energy. The concept is aimed to reduce waste at all cost and use renewable energy at its highest efficiency. There is absolutely no use of harmful or toxic materials in the green building.

A green building can be used for everything and occupation just like normal buildings. It can be a school, a residential complex, a corporate office etc. However, it is more sustainable and environment friendly.

The organisation named WorldGBC or World Green Building Council is specially intended to guide individuals and countries to choose greener options for the greater good.

You can too turn your house in a green building with simple and noble steps. For starters, you will have to ensure proper waste disposal, the use of three Rs Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Even the construction of such buildings is done by using eco-friendly alternatives. In addition, the designis to ensure minimum damage to the site vegetation. In this process, we can build some artistically beautiful green buildings.

The effect of green buildings of beneficial for all. It is highly profitable in long term. The quality of your indoor air will increased rastically with green buildings. You will have a good mental and physical health with healthy and environment friendly surroundings.

One may argue that it is easily said than done. However, a step at a time surely can lead to success. At the least we can start withpartially effective green building. The future exists only if we are sustainable today.


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