Tatvamasi will be released in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam languages. The poster of the movie is attractive and it looks interesting.

Varalaxami Sarathkumar, a south actress, has announced her upcoming movie, which is named Tatvamasi. It was announced on Thursday. On the 2nd of September, the motion poster of the movie was dropped. The theme of the movie can be examined through its motion poster. 

I hope you will get the info from the poster of the movie. The poster must be like this, which can give a plotline of a movie only by its picture. The movie is going to make the viewers feel happy. The important role is played by Harish Uthaman and Prakash Raj in this movie, whereas the leading role is played by Ishan. It must have a unique plot, and according to the statement, it has been concluded that the movie must be based on revenge drama. The movie will be the debut of writer Ramana Gopisetti. 

Tatvamasi is a Pan India project that has been shot simultaneously in multi-languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu languages. When you decode it, then you will see that it concludes that 'Tat' depicts the Ultimate truth or Brahman whereas Tvam depicts the Atman or the self and overall Tatvamasi conveys to I am that. 

The caption of the poster is set as ''Never Before In The History Of Mankind.” Doesn't it sound religious? Yes. It obviously sounds religious, where Tatvamasi is a Sanskrit mantra. This mantra has been taken from the Advaita tradition.

Tatvamasi is coming soon to the cinema, and it will boom in the cinema. The trailer is also expected to come out soon. The theme of the movie can be concluded from the poster of the movie. 


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