Taika Waititi Announces ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Is “The Craziest Thing That I’ve Ever Performed”
Taika Waititi Announces ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Is “The Craziest Thing That I’ve Ever Performed”
Marvel Studios’ God of Thunder will do what no Marvel Cinematic Universe personality has yet performed and return for the fourth instalment of his single series when Thor: Love and Thunder whack theatres on February 11.

The highly predicted Marvel sequel Thor: Love and Thunder finished filming yesterday, with director Taika Waititi enjoying the occasion by announcing a new set photo on his Instagram is. While the picture is already a pleasure as it indicates Waititi wearing a mo-cap suit and Chris Hemsworth staring enormous in a tight shirt, the image's description is exciting. While declaring the wrap, Waititi told Thor 4 is "the craziest thing" he's ever performed, and that implies a lot arriving from him.

Love And Thunder are yet assigned to have their different flavour. "It's very different from Ragnarok," swears Waititi. "It's crazier. I'll tell you what's unusual. There'll be a far better feeling in this movie. And plenty more affection. And a fraction more thunder. And a lot of Thor, if you've watched the images."

It's not difficult to infer that Thor: Love and Thunder could be crazier than Thor: Ragnarok, Waititi's MCU debut. If Hulk's inclusion in Ragnarok is a seizure of master, Love and Thunder will have Natalie Portman snatching Mjolnir and fulfilling Thor, Christian Bale manipulating a villain that calls himself the God Butcher Russell Crowe performing Zeus, another God of Thunder. Add Waititi's remarkable timing for humour and the validity that he co-wrote the story for Love and Thunder, and we have a crazy picture in the range. The movie will be batshit crazy off the side comic and might also grab a heartstring or two. 

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