Space telescope Hubble is off for more than 7.5 years now it is returning soon with high rotation rates told by NASA.

Hubble is a space telescope used to observe different planets, Galaxies and other Astronomical objects in space. But this telescope is entered safe mode due to the failure of the gyro. Gyro helps to measure the speed of the spacecraft with witch speed it is rotating, and gyro helps Hubble to lock at new targets.

Now NASA is telling that this space telescope will return soon with extreme speed rotation rates, and additional tests are to be done to stop this type of faults. The team of engineers is testing this device in all direction like targeting devices, checking its rotation rate, performing precision pointing and routine science observations after passing in all this examines Hubble telescope is expected to soon return to space operations. Hope this device qualify and sent to space for helping to know what is happening in  space.


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