A video of a Bengaluru ragpicker talking fluent English has grabbed the netizens' interest. Shachina Heggar shared the video clip on Instagram.

The woman observed as Cecilia Margaret Lawrence can be seen uttering expressive English in the tape. The video has been shared on Instagram by Shachina Haggar. The Internet reveals some tremendous species that can skillfully hit your senses with their skill. This woman from Bengaluru is a helpful variety of that. The clip is shared on Instagram by Shachina Heggar. The two videos of the woman are there on Instagram. She is a ragpicker who has snatched the awareness of netizens and may flee you shocked too. The lady showed her talent for speaking and singing in English. She came across Cecilia on the roads of Bengaluru. She shared two videos from the discussion on Instagram. 

In the first video, she introduced herself by singing. In one of the videos, she can be recognized by introducing herself and singing honors for God. When Heggar inquires of Cecelia if she is alone, she shortly takes out an image of Mother Mary and shows it to her and says, no, she is not alone. She used to live with her mother, Mary. She also tells her about her living in Japan for more than seven years. The woman had a portrait of mother Mary, which she always used to keep with her. She grabs all the attention of the people through the video on Instagram. This video shows that many people had many talents hidden in them. There are many stories in the world. The only thing you have to do is to stop and watch it. The talent needs to be explored. The lady is a perfect example for those who judge people with their languages. 


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