Scientists claim to have found a Small Saturn-Like planet orbiting a small, cool star TVLM 513-46546.

They believed that it is 35 light-years away from the earth using VLBA. The astronomers after the confirmation reported that there is a planet comparable in mass to Saturn, orbiting the Star once every 221 days. They believed that it is as much closer to Saturn as Mercury is to the earth. 

This is discovered using the supersharp radio 'vision' of National Science Foundations Continent-wide Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA). This is the first discovery of this new technique. It requires precise measurements of the stars, their positions and the mass. This technique was known to the astronomers way back, but we're unable to use it because of hard setup and it was difficult to use and find results. 

This technique called an astrometric technique is expected to Detect Jupiter like planets in orbits distant from the Star. 


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