Rolls Royce car was used as a Garbage collection by an Indian King
Rolls Royce car was used as a Garbage collection by an Indian King
In Ancient Maharaja of Alwar used Rolls Royce to Collect Garbage as a Revenge

It's a story of Indian King Jai Singh, Maharaja of Alwar (Rajasthan) is one of the curious stories you will come across in the Indian history.

In 1920, King Jai Singh visited London and walked in his casual look in Bond Street. The king came across the Rolls Royce showroom and he decided to visit to question about the price and specifications of the Rolls Royce car.

The London showroom salesman insulted the King by looking at his appearance, The salesman thought he is another poor Indian Citizen and asked him to get out of the showroom without any respect. After this insult, King Jai Singh returned to his Hotel and asked his servants to call the showroom and have decided buy all the six cars which are present in the showroom.All the salesman in the showroom were lined up to greet the king’s visit, outside the Showroom. And the king visited the showroom with his royal way look. And decided to purchase all the six cars which were present in the showroom and paying full including the delivery Charges.

King has decided to use all the Six Rolls Royce for a Garbage Collection in India.This news spread all over the world in no time.

People started humiliating about the Rolls Royce car “Its the same car which was used for Garbage Purpose in India? With this Comments and Insult the revenues of the Rolls Royce car Dropped Rapidly.

And Finally, the Owner of the Rolls Royce has sent an Apology letter to Indian King Jai Singh apologizing for their behavior for his visit to showroom in London, And they also offered him six more Rolls Royce for free of cost for their mistake The king accepted their acknowledgement  and stopped using the cars for garbage purpose.

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