A new exoplanet is discovered having the same size as earth. Meet Pi Earth!

So far we know pi as the mathematical constant equal to half of the circle circumference to its diameter. However, wandering some 185 lightyears away in space there's a planet which has been christened as Pi. What's so interesting about this planet? It is very similar to earth. The official name of this planet is K2-315b. However, it is called Pi Earth for it orbits around its star in every 3.14 days just like Earth orbits the sun.

Despite the similar size. The planet Pi and Earth have a stark difference. The sky gazers feel that the planet has about 187-degree Celsius surface temperature. Very hot as compared to earth. It is hot enough to bake a pie. This has become a quirky pun. Yet, nothing much can be said due to the unavailability of data.

The planet was discovered while studying NASA's K2Mission. This mission was an initiative of NASA to study the unknown space. It makes use of Kepler spacecraft. The study is done for 80 days. The planet Pi was found in the study which ended in 2018. The Pi Earth planet orbits around a cool star. A cool star is around 3000 degree Celsius hot. This seems too much for a cool star. However, when compared to our sun which is at 5500 degree celsius it is a lot cooler.

Planets around such cool stars are the best place to look for water. They are called temperate planets. Research believes that such planets will be more habitable than others. Space enthusiast is always encouraged by such discoveries. It also gives rise to many conspiracy theories about life in outer space, aliens and whatnot. However, scientists have always been in search of habitable planets. Whether we move to a new planet or not remains to be seen. However, it won’t happen for quite a long time.


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