Smart Solution to Temple and Mosque waste flowers. Indian brains at its best.

Do you know what happens to flowers you offer in temples and mosques? Well, most of them end up in garbage bins or in rivers polluting them beyond repair. It's sad isn't it, something that is being done with good intentions to end so badly? Not anymore. Enter is a Kanpur based start-up by IITians. This start-up collects floral wastes we offer in temples and mosques and converts them into incense sticks and organic fertilizers! 

It prevents dumping of 97 kgs of waste daily into our rivers. Further, this is done by rural women by handcrafting. The process is called flower cycling.

The incense sticks have a beautiful aroma. The organic fertilizers are made from Florafoam. Florafoam is 100 percent biodegradable. Also, the company has made a packaging material called Florafoam which is highly mouldable and can be cast in many shapes.

Today, the company has a wide range of products including incense sticks, incense cones, vermicomposting, etc. The company is working to spread PAN India from its UP base.

The start-up raised about $1.4million for their pre-series funding, by IAN Fund and Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation from San Francisco.

The startup believes in a circular economy. You will be happy to know that they make charcoal free products.

The start-up functions inefficient supply chain management. They also procure flowers from horticulture farmers with the spoilt harvest. This is really a noble deed in itself. The start-up has received many awards like United Nations Young Leaders Award for sustainable Development Goals, United Nations Momentum Of Change Award, AsiaSustainability Award, Alquity Transforming Lives Award, and Breaking The Wall OfScience.

They have a lot of products to offer. You can visit their site for their products. India definitely needs more innovations like this.


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