On New Year Day, The New Horizons Space Craft Flew Past Ultima Thule.
On New Year Day, The New Horizons Space Craft Flew Past Ultima Thule.
The new horizons spacecraft flew past the ultima Thule on Tuesday, and it discovered as farthest and potentially oldest vast body observed by a spacecraft ever, Ultima Thule is nothing but a Kuiper belt object found in 2014, Ultima Thule is the name given through online voting. Thule means farthest and darkest world ever explored by humankind. NASA releases the first detailed images of Ultima Thule.

The farthest and potentially oldest cosmic body ever explored by a spacecraft finally flew past on Tuesday by New Horizons spacecraft. NASA releases the detailed images of Ultima Thule, and the shape of ultima Thule looks like “snowman” says NASA. A major scientific discovery is the body of ultima Thule shaped when two “lobes” or spheres gravitated towards each other slowly until they stuck together.

The only image of Ultima Thule  NASA have before was blurry one showing ultima Thule something like peanut or bowling pin. Alan stern the lead investigator said, ”image is so 2018...Meet the New Ultima Thule “ he released a new sharper image of the cosmic body with a resolution of 140 meters per pixel from a distance of 27000 kilometers (17000 miles) it has taken.

During the briefing of NASA, Alan Stern said its a snowman.. that bowling pin gone. “This team and spacecraft have achieved somethingUnprecedented.” The sun rays on ultima Thule are 1600 times fainter than on the earth. the light that reflects on the surface of Ultima Thule is about as much as “garden variety dirt.”

The Moore said, New horizons are like a time machine, it is taking us back to the birth of solar system and we all seeing a physical representation of the beginning of planetary formation in frozen time.

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