The next gen travelling way is here. Futuristic Hyperloop with sealed pods.

Ever thought about travelling at 1000 kmph? To those who are unaware about it. It ispossible to do so. And in India itself. The Mumbai Pune Hyperloop is the miracle of technology. The two cities are about 200 km apart. The Express way isthe fastest route and takes about 2 hours minimum for the travel. However, Virgin’s Hyperloop can make the travel possible in 30 mins! This famed Mumbai Pune Hyperloop is an ultra-modern, hi-tech, superfast transport project that will save a lot of time for everyday commuters. The Hyperloop is the new mode of passenger and goods transport. It involves propelling sealed small pods in low pressure tubes. This pods are sent at a speed of 1,000 kilometres an hour. The pod can carry around 24 to 28 people in one run. The path is entirely frictionless and hence the travel can attain such huge speeds.

The hyperloop will run between BKC in Mumbai and Wakad in Pune. The steel tubes are sturdy. They not only allow a vehicle to travel in a low pressure atmosphere, where air is removed to cut friction resistance, but also retains the straightness of the path over very long distances. The Hyperloop project will take place in two phases. The first page is the certification phase and the second phase is commercialization phase.

Puneengineer Tanay Manjrekar is first Indian to ride the hyperloop recently. He claimed it to be the best ride of his life. Inside the hyperloop tunnel, the technology uses magnetic levitation like maglev trains. This ensures silent travel. Using this technology, a one-way tripbetween New York and Washington would take mere 30 minutes. That is almost twice as fast as a commercial plane flight and four times faster than the high speed train.


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