Mexican rapper looks after implanting gold chain hooks into scalp
Mexican rapper looks after implanting gold chain hooks into scalp
One of the Mexican rappers, whose name is Dan Sur, goes viral where he has implanted a gold chain into their scalp.

Have you ever seen one before? If not, then you can see his picture here. Dan Sur is a great and famous rapper of Mexico. Recently he did a unique thing, and that is going viral on social media. Generally, people who are used to hair color or use wigs to show their hair. But this Mexican rapper has a chain implanted in the place of hair. This gold chain is decorated with diamonds and gems too. His new metallic locks are getting viral. 

Dan sur released his new song in this very new look. This luxurious look has become a burning issue among everyone. He became famous after his tik tok video in this new look with metallic locks. He is just 23 years old now. He is the first rapper who used gold chain locks and hair, which was supported with a hook to the scalp. 

After doing this, he made history and became the first rapper to use gold chains as locks in human history. In his social media platform, he has around 2 million followers. In one of his tik tok videos, he said 

“The truth is that I wanted to do something different because I see these days everyone dyes their hair differently. Now, I hope not everyone starts following me." 

He also said that he became the first person who used a gold chain in his hair and now no one can copy him. Earlier he was just famous for his music but now his lifestyle and hair style has become the centre of attraction. His dream was to do something different that had never done before. Finally he did this and in fact no one has done this before. 

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