Tuesday 11th May it was around 3 PM, the wine stores were regulating commonly. In a second the system changed.

Hundreds of people arrived at the wine stores across Telangana, and everyone bought alcohol that would be enough for the next ten days. This circumstance was noticed after the Telangana government declared a lockdown openly.

As per the news, about Rs 125 crore’ cost of alcohol was bought yesterday only. Alcohol sales stood at Rs 676 crore till May 11. Approximately Rs 61 crores worth of products were bought per day.

Straight after the lockdown statement Rs, 56 crore cost of alcohol attained the shops from depots. As per the Excise bureau, the state has broadcasted Rs 125 crore alcohol deals on Tuesday, which is announced to be the greatest in May month. From the early ten days of May month, the Telangana Excise bureau assigned Rs 676 crore of income, which means Rs 61 crore every day. However, the 11th day assigned dual sales.

Rangareddy Leads In Liquor Sales

When the alcohol deals were totalled as per the area wise, Rangareddy crowned with Rs 24 crore earnings. Nalgonda, Khammam, and Hyderabad state attended Rs 15.24 crore, Rs 12.25 crore, and Rs 10.17 crore deals.

Alcohol shops and cafes are not enabled to unlock before 10 am according to excise laws. However, those laws were loosened and permitted to open from 6 am to 10 pm. The Department of Excise calculates that the lockdown will not influence income from liquor.

Surprisingly the wine stores had sufficient commodities to deal with this furious storm. Several wine store holders said that they immediately obtained the commodity from the storehouses. While the Excise department made sure the commodity attained the stores without any conflict.


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