Railway Board Chairman Ashwani Lohani speaks on the Amritsar train tragedy

After few hours of the Amritsar train tragedy, Railway Board Chairman Ashwani Lohani speaks about the incident on Saturday. He said that it would be wrong to hold the railways responsible for the event, also saying that the people should have been careful.  

He said, "It would be wrong to say that Railways is responsible for this accident. There are two manned level-crossing on that track; both were close. It is the main line, and there is no speed restriction there. The railway administration was not informed about the Dussehra celebration near mainline. People were watching Dussehra celebrations from railway tracks." 

Lohani also added that people need to be more careful. They should not trespass on the railway tracks and be alert. 

Even the Punjab Governor VP Singh Badnore opened up about the tragedy and said that It was an unfortunate incident and proper medical care will be provided to all the victims. 

"This is a very unfortunate incident. An inquiry will be done, and those who need to be punished will be punished, and accountability will be fixed. I am here to ensure that proper medical aid is provided to the injured," Mr. Badnore said.

The incident took place near Joda Phatak where many were gathered to watch the Dussehra celebrations and to get a good view to the Ravan effigy, started standing on the tracks. This was when a train passed crushing them. Nearly 60 of them died and more than 50 were severely injured. 


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