Indian board recently announced the names of players playing against West Indies T20.

We all are aware that India’s cool captain MS Dhoni retired from test matches and he is playing ODI and T20 matches. But recently Indian board announced the names of players playing against West Indies T20 match, but surprisingly Dhoni’s name is not there in that list, so a lot of doubts raising on this.

MS Dhoni the cool captain of India. He gave a lot of victories to the Indian team. Whatever the target may be but we cannot find the tension in Dhoni’s eyes. One blower from Pakistan said if Dhoni is in stick and he has to score 6 for one ball to win then the pressure is not for Dhoni tension will be to the bowler that’s why Dhoni is also known as the best finisher. The man with this many achievements, but his name not enrolled in West Indies T20 list, is raising so many doubts like, MS Dhoni is retiring from T20. But the people of Indian cricket board is telling that for giving a chance to other wicketkeeper’s Dhoni’s name is not enrolled in the list. So Dhoni is not retiring from T20 now. 


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