Looking for an affordable all in one Smart Watch? Try FitX Pro Watch the newest contender in the market. Smart and easy on your pocket.

There's a new watch out in the town and it is all peoplecould talk of in India. FitX Pro Watch is one of the most affordable smartwatches newly out in the Indian Market.

FitX Pro Watch is a small group of individuals with a commonmotto to develop an affordable smart watch that gives you better insight onyour health. The outcome is their new FitX Pro Watch. It has everything you need in a watch. It us a digital watch combined with hands-free headset, healthmonitor. You can use it on every occasion from gym to dates to weddings. It goes with every attire and mood. It is the next generation of Smart watcheswith functions including receiving calls, messages, sleep monitor, step counterand a lot more.

The secret of FitX Pro Watch is its green laser technology. It fits on your wrist to monitor your real-time, blood pressure, heart rate,blood oxygen level etc. We all have heard and seen it before. Heart diseaseskill silently. However, with FitX Pro Watch you can stay one step ahead. Thiswatch will tell you if there is abnormality in the functioning of your heart.

But is it only about heart health? No, there is lot more. You will be impressed by the functions FitX Pro Watch offers. Apart, from itsstate of art fitness tracker, the watch is water proof, with a powerful batterywhich keeps it alive for long hours, sedentary warning   to get you moving and lot more. Further, you can take a photo and control your music with this watch. Plus, it has aanti-lost technology too!

The watch is definitely a catch. If you are thinking aboutbuying or gifting a smart watch then you must definitely consider this one asit won't be hard on your pocket.


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