79% improvement in Delhi's Air Quality Index during the lockdown. The study says that 90% reduction was owned to reduced traffic.

Dilwaalo ki Delhi, the capital of India, one of the most advanced metropolitan cities of the country, hub house of thousands of international fashion brands in India, the best place of street food, thenational pride and house of India's Political activity. Delhi is known by many names and adjectives. Truly Delhi is a unique city in itself. However, the popular Dilwaalo ki Delhi is not so good for heart and lung patients. Reason? Delhi's ghastly air. For years Delhi's air has been in the headlines for its bad air quality index. It was consistently in the poor in its air quality. There's a good news though. The city's air improved by 79% during the pandemic. Despite of being a fatal disaster, Covid-19 does have some positiveconsequences. Obviously, we did not want things to improve at this cost. Nonetheless,we still appreciate it. One of them is Delhi's Air Quality 

Air Quality is a non- tangible property. However, its drastic uplift in Delhi is tangible and can be seen by naked eyes. People do not remember days being this clearer. While the winter is setting in the country, research believe that they will be less foggy in the capital this year. The nationwide lockdown suddenly stopped all the industrial activities and this is the result we see. Naturally, it is clear to everyone that the revenue and profits these industries earn for the country are traded at a high cost ofour capital air and its bad effects on every living and non-living thing alike. Delhi is not the only one in the list. Many other cities including Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad are reported with same consequences. The study says that 90% reduction was owned to reduced traffic. This gives us a clear insight of the big picture. One can only hope that this boon the pandemic has bestowed upon us will be maintained with diligence.


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