Why is it so important to eat meals on time? Our ancestor were right to emphasize on it.

Our body is a complex structure made of numerous metabolism. These metabolism work in a cycle governed by the biological clock. If we do not maintain this click it is going to affect our body functions. Let's take a very common example. The cases of hyperacidity have increased ten folds over the last decade. Even little children have started to show signs of acidity. Our stomach secretes acid to digest food. This secretion is perfectly timed with our daily eating habits. If we do not maintain a proper time for eating, the process is going to malfunction. Naturally, we will suffer from acidity. And having timely meals is always better than popping antacids.

We do not require everything that we eat. Our liver performs the function of sorting out the waste and unwanted products from useful ones. Ideally, the gap between two meals should be 4-5 hours. If we eat our lunch late then the time gap between lunch and dinner will not be maintained. It will put pressure on the liver to detoxify faster which is not good for our health. If you think the solution to this is eating your dinner late as well, then you are wrong. Eating your dinner late will make matters worse. Your liver can't perform well when you asleep. Having late dinners and sleeping immediately afterwards does not give the liver the chance to detoxify the body. This harmful waste is going to build up in your body. The thought itself is Yuck!


Our food is our fuel. Just like a phone battery needs charging from time to time, our body needs food from time to time. We all have seen a simple (well it is simple compared to our complex body) die if there is no battery. How can you perform the task in your hand without your fuel? Simple logic right? If we deprived our body of its necessary fuel metabolism are going to malfunction leading to fatal consequences at the time.



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