Real hero of the amazon's best Web series The Family Man2 is Chellam sir. Trending web series of amazon prime.

The Family Man2 hit the most this lockdown. People waited for its part 2, and it is streaming now on Amazon Prime. It was released on 4th June. Reviews are fantastic which are coming from its fans and critics. It is due to its brilliant storyline and impeccable casting. When we coin the term character, then Manoj Bajpayee leaves no space for any complaints. In terms of character, he is the fan-favourite character. In the second season, Manoj Bajpai, Srikanth is compared to Chellam sir as Uday Mahesh in the series. 

After releasing on 4th June, Chellam Sir turned out as the unsung hero within these three days. We have to see how more people react after watching this. It would be pretty interesting. In the third season, Manoj Bajpayee will appear on the screen. Manoj Bajpayee is playing the leading role in the web series The Family Man2. In the new season, you will observe some twisted scenes. 

The story of the second season was set in Chennai, London, Delhi and Mumbai. Uday Mahesh, Chellam Sir, played a significant role in the Family Man 2 web series. He has played very well in which he is a retired member of NIA, and there he helps Manoj Bajpayee, whose name is Srikant, in the series. He also helps other members of TASC by sharing valuable information. It was to complete the mission.  

If you have completed the first part of The Family Man 2, its second season has been released. You can enjoy this pandemic by watching many web series in which you can also watch both series of the Family Man2. 


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