Actress Naira Shah who starred in Aadi Saikumar’s ‘Burra Katha’ has been imprisoned by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Mumbai. This incident took a spot in the wee hours of Sunday sunrise but the information came out delayed.

Behaving upon a tip, NCB carried out a raid at a hotel in Juhu where Naira was announced to be taking cannabis along with her companion Ashiq Sajid Husain during the past’s birthday celebration. During the investigation procedures, the NCB seized one gram of cannabis. Naira was charged under IPC Section 274, which notes that production/possession, sale/transport, hold, and consumption of any narcotic pill are excluded under the National Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act.

Later the charge Naira and her companion were carried to the infirmary and conducted medical examinations. As per agencies announcements, the medical documents have it that the accused have eaten the restricted drugs. The NCB overdue generated them before a regional judiciary. On Monday, they were permitted bail by the judiciary. The examination is, however, on. She and her partner were reportedly absorbing cannabis. Naira Shah didn’t achieve much in Telugu after the failure of ‘Burra Katha’. She has performed in three movies in several languages.

Naira reportedly moved to the hotel to enjoy her birthday on Sunday. Various actresses have been charged with drug litigations in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad in the recent past. The quotations disclosed that the compartment was raided at 3 am and Naira Shah and Ashiq Sajid had Charas. Police argued that Naira Shah had enjoyed her birthday celebration at the motel, and after the birthday celebration, he and her companion Ashiq Sajid Husain left for their suite.

Presently, the inquiry of this pill prosecution is going on. The law is struggling to discover whether Naira Shah pertains to any drug fraud.


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