BTS Permission to Dance Music Video: Upcoming Song of K-Pop Brand
BTS Permission to Dance Music Video: Upcoming Song of K-Pop Brand
After the Butter song by BTS, BTS's permission to dance is another song which is going to be a hit. Fans are waiting eagerly for it in which one of the scenes is chilling on the beach.

A new song released by BTS members including Jin, Suga, Jimin, RM, Jungkook and V. They are permitted to dance on the eve of Army Day. In June, his Butter song was released. 

The presentation of the music video will be imagined as the life after the covid-19 pandemic. The dress-up of these members would be as cowboys. The track of the song is located in a desert. It ends with purple balloons showing the end of the pandemic. 

BTS gave the taste of the song to fans after permission by showing teasers and photos. You will see the members of BTS in different avatars. The scene is about chilling on the beach, dressed up as jaip mates, American cowboy look and washing a car. 

BTS is very famous because it has performed several events. It has so many fans who enjoy its song with heart. Even fans wait for its upcoming song as usual. The dance performance of BTS is beyond words. 

Butter is still in vogue and famous. It continues to run on the stage globally. Butter has become a chartbuster on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 6 weeks. It shows its glorious and outstanding performance, that's why it is maintaining its position on the global stage.

BTS, 21st-century pop icons, are still spreading its joy and positivity. It is spreading its joy through its outstanding music. The performance in BTS' permission to dance is mind-blowing, and it shows the energetic charms of BTS. It is assumed that this funny pop song will be enjoyed by fans a lot. 

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