Microsoft Co-founder has predicted that Climate change will be more Dreadful and Worst by 2060.

Bill Gates has warned everyone about climate change by 2060. He said that climate change will be worse by 2060. He compared it with Covid pandemic and said that it will be even worst by it. He warned about the climate change that is prevailing in the World. Covid-19 pandemic has healed the weather but still, much healing to be done. Rivers and dams are cleaned as earlier, AQI is also improved and the quality of living is improved, but much more work needs to be done. 

Bill Gates said that by 2100 it could be five times worse. He added-" To understand the damage that Climate change will inflict, look at Covid19 and spread the pain out over as well as the much longer period". 

Bill Gates has warned everyone about the climate many times. Many times he had been seen in Ted Talks alarming everyone about climate change. 

Now again Bill Gates is urging to prepare for the devastation that will occur by climate. 


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