Interesting and amazing facts are good to read in. Some of the facts blow your mind and take you to some other level while reading and assuming that this stuff really exists.

Readout to some of them:

#20 Lightening cricket bails cost as much as an iPhone. 

#19 Australian invented Wifi. 

#18 Copper have copper contained blood instead of iron contained blood. 

#17 There are 336 dimples in an official golf ball. 

#16 Only female mosquitoes suck blood. 

#15 Sharks never get sick. They are prone to disease and viruses. 

#14 Bananas are curved because they grow towards the sun.

#13 Snail can sleep for three years. 

#12 It is estimated that a Cow gives around 200,000 glasses of milk in her lifetime. 

#11 Brain is the fattest organ in the human body. 

#10 Expiry dates on the water bottles are for the bottles not for the water. 

#9 Women consume around 4-5kg of lipsticks in her lifetime. 

#8 Polar bears are dark-skinned animals, only their feathers are white. 

#7 Average person walks for around 5 times of the world radius in his lifetime. 

#6 Red wine, chocolate and cheese can help you live longer than usual. 

#5 Uranus was the first discovered planet in the solar system. 

#4 Ostrich eye is much bigger than its brain. 

#3 Rafflesia Arnoldii is the largest flower. 

#2 Human beings breathe around 2100 gallons of air every day. 

#1 HCL acid in the stomach can even decay stainless steel. 


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