African lions starving for aids
African lions starving for aids
"They are suffering from severe illnesses. They are sick and appear to be malnourished," quoted a caretaker.

People witnessed 5 malnutrition African lions at Al Qureshi park at Sudan's capital Khartoum starving for food and medical aids.

 The pictures of these five pitiful lions went viral after Osman Salih , clicked and shared their picture on facebook. In the post he asked citizens and concerned authorities to look after the issue. After the pictures were shared on social media, they went viral like fire. Several campaigns were launched and several volunteer visited Al Qureshi park to look at the situation.

The officials of the park stated that in the past few weeks the health condition of the lions and several other animals of the park continuously deteriorated. They were thankful to Salih and other volunteers for bringing the matter to light and helping the poor animals. 

"Food is not always available. So, often we buy it from our own money to feed them," said the manager of the park. 

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