Again, Sonu Sood, a great Indian actor stands for the well being of students in the second wave

As we are knowing that schools and colleges have closed in most of the states but exams are scheduled as before. In the second wave, cases are coming in bulk around lakhs to be dangerous for those innocent students who have to take exams during this pandemic. 

On social media pages, Sonu Sood uploaded a video. It was all about to cancel the board exams. He has joined the petition of cancelling board papers. According to him, students should be promoted for the next class based on internal assessment methods. He heard the voice of students who are not ready to take exams amid the second wave of the pandemic. No doubt, it is very tough to take papers because of the fear of corona inside everyone. Cases are overgrowing to control in a short period. He says in the video that no students have the will to sit in the exams. He stands on behalf of students and requests to promote the students. 

In addition to these all, he says that it is unfair to take offline exams. He asked for everyone to come forward for the students who will play a risky game in life. For students' safety, people should come forward and raise their voices in favour of innocent students. 

He contributed a great help in the complete lockdown. Even he helped a lot of those migrant workers who were suffering from the pandemic. He said that we could leave the workers as homeless people who made our homes and offices. In the lockdown, he helped around 12000 migrants. He became the real hero of the Covid-19 pandemic. 


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