Again, a new species has been discovered by Goa University. A great scientist at Goa University has found a species of Gecko lizard.

Currently, a new species of Gecko Lizards has been discovered by the scientists of Goa University. Gecko is a kind of lizard that are a carnivore, and it is small in size. The two species of these Gecko lizards have been seen on the campus of Goa University. Then the research got started, and then it was concluded that this is one of the kinds of Gecko species. One of the species was seen in Chandor, South Goa. For the second species, it is said that it is found in the Western Ghats.

The name of the species has been named as Hemiphyllodactylus goaensis. Can you find one thing in the name? You have 2 minutes to find one mysterious thing that has been set in the name. Have you found it? Still not!! Scroll down the pages to the end. You will get this mysterious thing before this use your brain. 

You know scientists are collecting some more information regarding this species. The main purpose of conducting more sampling is that there can be found similar species in the Western Ghats. There happened to be more studies by some scientists. One of the studies has been done by Akansh Khandekar, who belongs to one of the reputed foundations known as the Thackeray Wildlife Foundation. 

Here it is mentioned some mysterious things about these species. The name of this species has been named as Hemiphyllodactylus goaensis. In this name, you will see Goa in goaensis, which represents that species that belong to Goa. We can also say that the species was found in Goa. Another interesting thing is that the species belong to the Hemiphyllodactylus genus, which is a group of species. So the name is almost similar to the information of the species. 


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