Beauty with brains is now an old saying replaced with the new one, “Beauty with Cricket”

1. Ellyse Perry

Ellyse Perry

This Australian cricketer will amaze with both her looks and expertise in cricket.

2. Laura Marsh

Laura Marsh

Laura Marsh, an English cricketer is very well known for her spin bowling skills.

3. Meghan Moira Lanning

Meghan Moira Lanning

This 23-year-old is the head of the cricket team in Australia.

4. Holly Ferling

 Holly Ferling

You would be surprised to learn that Ferling, at the age of 14 made her debut in men’s grade cricket in Queensland and took a hattrick with the first three balls.

5. Isabel Joyce

Isabel Joyce

This lady is a left-handed batsman but can also bat with a right hand.

6. Rosalie Birch

Rosalie Birch

Winner of many cricket competitions and famous worldwide for her cricket skills.

7. Sana Mir

Sana Mir

This Pakistani cricketer is an inspiration to many women worldwide.

8. Katherine Helen Brunt

Katherine Helen Brunt

She hails from England and received the title of Best Cricketer Worldwide in 2006

9. Isha Guha

Isha Guha

Another England Cricketer who contributed greatly in winning several critical matches.

10. Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor

A successful young lady from England who shown exceptional skills in the game of cricket.


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