These oceans are so deep, they will take your breath away (pun intended)

1. Bering Sea

Bering Sea

An ocean with 1419 meters of depth gets its name from a British explorer who discovered it.

2. Atlantic Ocean

 Atlantic Ocean

This water body is the third deepest and the second largest in the world.

3. Sea of Japan

Sea of Japan

An interesting fact about this ocean is that it is known by two different names. South Korea did not like the name was given by North Korea to this ocean and hence it calls this ocean, “The East Sea.”

4. Caribbean Sea

Caribbean Sea

This is probably the most famous one in this list as it attracts a number of tourists every year due to its beauty.

5. Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea

Again, there are some nations which do not prefer this name. However, “Mediterranean” means ‘middle of the earth’

6. South China Sea

South China Sea

With a depth of 1463 meters, this ocean is home for almost 200 islands with reefs.

7. Black Sea

Black Sea

Black sea is named as the largest water basin in the world with deep water layers where upper layers don’t mix.

8. Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico

Its islands are home to more than 56 million people being the 9th largest water basin in the world.

9. Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean

The waters in the Indian Ocean are warm and clear attracting tourism and running at a depth of 3843 meters.

10. Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is the largest as well as the deepest ocean in the world with a range of active volcanoes beneath it.


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